Nestled in the heart of the Southern Alps, in my little workshop of Enchastrayes in the Ubaye valley, I draw and sew my creations as the seasons, colors, and moods go by.

In the beginning, there is a fabric, sometimes a season, or even a pattern, they are the ones that inspire me, trigger my crush to create the sketch of a hat, or the inspiration for a new neckwarmer.

My philosophy is to use what my country makes. So most of my fabrics, ribbons, and buttons are made in France.

Even if ecology is often considered an abstract notion, it's essential for me to use my raw materials as much as possible.

Hence, I don't reject anything, zero waste is central for me. I give the smallest scraps of my fabrics, furs, and ribbons to my hometown's school. From them, children make paintings, plaids, and garlands.



In winter, the fur of my creations is made from recycled plastic bottles. This combination of warmth and great softness is part of this new trend in an ecological and sustainable fashion.